4 Simple Ways to Balance Your Chakras

February 4, 2017

Disclaimer: Blogging is not one of my strengths but I'm working on it. :-)



By now many of us are familiar with the word "Chakra." To explain it very briefly, Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means "wheel". We have 7 main chakras in our body that act as wheels of light and energy. This is also known as our "Life Force Energy" or "Prana".  Chakras act as energetic information databases in our bodies. When all 7 chakras are in balance, we feel good. We vibrate at a higher frequency which is important for maintaining optimal health and vitality. Because our chakras receive outside energies, it's very easy for them to get energetic blockages. These can be very subtle signs to us are can result in serious physical illness. Thankfully, there are several things we can do ourselves to  

keep these energy centers clear and balanced.  



1. Meditation


Meditation is an excellent way to balance your chakras. Envision each chakra at a time, starting with the root chakra, being cleansed and renewed. I even have a free Chakra Meditation download available here.  



2.  Chromotherapy


Each chakra resonates with the frequency of a specific color. If you want to work on all of your chakras, try laying down with pieces of colored fabric placed over each chakra. If there's one chakra you feel needs a little more attention, where colored clothing or jewelry that aligns with that particular chakra. 



3. Eat the Rainbow


This is essentially the same as chromotherapy but involves food. By making sure that you eat something from each color of the rainbow on a regular basis, you are improving the energetic flow in your chakras. If you need to focus on one chakra in particular, eat more of that color. For example: if you are feeling sluggish and unmotivated, reach for the orange and yellow foods for your solar plexus and sacral chakras. 



4. Crystals


Just like the color therapy, you can lay down with chakra crystals placed on each one of the chakras for 15 minutes. This is an extremely effective way to cleanse and balance the chakras because our bodies entrain easily with the frequencies of the crystals. I have Chakra Crystal Kits available here. This is also very good to use in combination with the Chakra Meditation. 


If you have tried various techniques and still feel like there may be energy blocks, try getting a Reiki treatment. Reiki is a gentle but powerful way to bring the body back into balance. You can then use these simple steps to maintain balanced energy!










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