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About Me

My name is Stacy LeDoux and I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer and empath.  

I’ve named my business Soul A Glow because we are all light beings, with unique energy and a unique inner light that can be channeled to magnify our overall well-being.

In my practice, I work intuitively with clients to get to the core of emotional and physical disease. I use Reiki and crystals as healing tools, and work with men and women from all backgrounds to help treat a variety of issues and ailments.

It is my belief that we all have the inner power to manifest the lives we desire. Ultimately, my goal is to help clients realize their full potential — their ability to live lives of physical, mental and spiritual wellness. From balancing your chakras, to helping you visualize and manifest your goals, Reiki is truly a versatile technique.


In addition to my healing services, I sell crystal jewelry charged with Reiki energy. I handpick my crystals, which range from rare and hard-to-find, to clear crystal quartz, to ensure top quality and the purest energy available. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

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